Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas photo

2009 was Karla's first Christmas.
In this photo she sits on Santa's knee with her brothers Joshua and Bradley.

New SMJBK.COM home page

I was frustrated with our custom domain home page that I set up through Google-Sites, the service is just not user friendly.  Even though we bought the domain name (only $10 per year) to set up custom email addresses (such as and through gmail, I wanted to have something decent as a home page for that domain.  I was already using Blogger (another Google service) with custom domains ( and so I thought I'd give Google-Sites the flick and set up to point to a new Blogger page instead.

Below is what I've written to appear in the "About this page" section of our new home page.

The domain was aquired through Google Apps to allow us to have sensible email addresses with a custom domain (it's so hard to get a decent @gmail email address!)

With the custom email names set up through gmail and Google Apps, I thought I'd make a family home page through Google-Sites, but unlike most Google services, Google-Sites isn't very user friendly and I was never happy with it. Blogger (another Google) service is much easier to use and update, so is now blogger based.